Roles of youth mentoring in addressing wellbeing, economic engagement and supportive communities for young people

Authored by:

Ariella Meltzer, Kristy Muir, Abigail Powell

Status: In Progress

Research Partners:

Many young people in Australia experience poor outcomes in employment, education and mental health, with long term consequences for their social outcomes. Mentoring offers a potentially holistic and ecological approach to addressing these issues, as it can cut across multiple life domains and therefore recognise and respond in real time to the range of interactive influences in young people’s lives.

However, there is a need for greater Australian evidence on how mentoring addresses these issues for young people and how it can best be facilitated. This pilot study examines the experience of young people and mentors in a school-based mentoring program to answer the question ‘How do mentors work with young people to help improve their economic participation and/or participation in society?’

The research will provide policy and practice implications specific to the Australian economic, political, social and community context.

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