Make change matter

2-day Executive Education

Join our highly regarded 'Governance for Social Impact' leadership course 16-17 Sept in Sydney to explore the social impact ecosystem and how to exercise effective Board governance for your social purpose organisation.

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CEO Update - August 2019

To mark National Homelessness Week, CSI Research Fellow Chris Hartley and CEO Professor Kristy Muir reflect on the changes needed to ensure the 116,000+ Australians who are homeless on any given night have a safe, secure and stable home.

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Social Impact magazine

What does it mean to place 'Voice, Treaty and Truth' at the centre of our work? Find out in this free magazine, including articles on Transforming our Food System, Awareness-based Systems Change, Sparking Social Impact in the Pilbara - and more!

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Our thinking

New Report: Social Enterprise

Research shows employment-focused social enterprises play a critical role in improving the lives of disadvantaged Australians by offering a people-centred approach to employment support services.

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Amplify Social Impact newsetter

Subscribe for insights, publications, tools, and resources that help for-purpose organisations to better understand where and how to target efforts and measure effectiveness in improving social outcomes.

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Outcomes Measurement 2-day course

How do you know your program/service is actually making a difference? Increase your Outcomes Measurement skills at our evidence-based course in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra (Oct 2019 - May 2020).

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Evaluation findings

A new report from CSI Swinburne and Vanguard Laundry Services indicates that providing employment and tailored career support can improve the health, wellbeing and finances of people living with mental illness.

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Indigenous Financial Resilience 2019

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders fall into two groups – one suffering the most financial stress in Australia, another starting to build financial resilience – but both are struggling with access to financial services, new research has shown.

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50 Lives 50 Homes

50 Lives 50 Homes second evaluation report describes the progress to date of the 50 Lives project in relation to housing, health and justice outcomes.

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