Build a career that matters
As a CSI student you’ll join people and organisations striving to create more equitable social and economic systems for all

Why study with CSI?

  • Practical, interactive and impact-focused learning that is applicable to every field
  • Access to world-class researchers, academics and industry experts
  • Frameworks, tools and networks to connect with what’s happening around the globe
  • Gain the skills and experience to make real change happen in your industry

Learning for positive social change

We deliver practical, real-world education nationally through our partnering network of universities. As a CSI student, you’ll benefit from their distinctive specialisations, perspectives and contributions.

Learn from the best

As a CSI student you’ll get hands on with your studies and learn from some of the most respected and experienced educators in the world.


We’re honoured to award annual scholarships to current and future students thanks to our generous scholarship donors and education partners.

Meet our students

Annaliese Allen, a Master of Social Impact student with the Centre for Social Impact Swinburne is combining her deep, corporate experience with her personal purpose to become one of these next generation ‘bilingual’ professionals.

Access our tools and guides

We develop and and build tools and guides to help you create positive social impact. Throughout your course you might use some of these to delve deeper into critical social issues.