January 29, 2018

Suzanne Findlay

Suzanne studied the Masters of Social Impact

Suzanne had already made a career for herself in the superannuation and investments industry. But volunteering at a neighbourhood house sparked a thought – could she transition into the non-profit sector and use her skills to serve the social good? One year after finishing her Master of Social Impact, she is now the Funding and Social Investment Coordinator at Sacred Heart Mission, the exact kind of role she dreamt of while studying.

“Working in superannuation and investments enabled me to apply the maths I studied following school. However, I felt an increasing desire to assist organisations providing services and support for those in need. The growth of social impact investment has fortuitously coincided with this desire and enables me to apply my investment skills and experiences for social good. Although moving from investments to social impact may seem like a big shift, the breadth of the Master of Social Impact enabled me to ascertain how best to combine my investment experiences with achieving social impact. This combination was invaluable in the negotiations for Victoria’s first social impact bond between Sacred Heart Mission and the Victorian Government”

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