Promoting Work-Life Balance: Do Flexible Work Arrangements Really Work for Employees in Australia?

Authored by:

Abigail Powell

Status: Completed January 2018

Research Partners:

One-third of Australian employees have an agreement to work flexible hours, yet there is little evidence about whether flexible work arrangements in the workplace really promote work-life balance. This research questions assumptions about the use of flexible work arrangements by examining their impact on employee time use and work-life balance. It uses national survey data to investigate the effect of different flexible work arrangements on time use and explores reasons for the findings using interviews with employers and employees. The findings identify which, if any, flexible work arrangements support employees to balance work and non-work time, thus enabling workplaces to more efficiently target policies to support employee wellbeing.

For further reading:

Powell, A., and Craig, L. (2015) Gender differences in working at home and time use patterns: evidence from Australian. Work, Employment and Society, 29 (4): 571-589.

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