Bankwest Social Impact Series 7: A year in the life of WA's social enterprises

Authored by:

Aurora Elmes, Chris Mason

Status: Completed April 2017

The Bankwest Foundation has partnered with the University of Western Australia Centre for Social Impact (UWA CSI) to undertake a research program Supporting Development and Growth in the Community Sector in Western Australia. The aim of the research program is to increase our understanding of the difference community programs make to the lives of Western Australians and what factors enhance the resilience and long-term financial viability of Western Australia’s emerging social enterprise sector. Improving the evidence base on the measurement of the outcomes of community programs and of the financial sustainability of Western Australia’s social enterprises will support growth and innovation in the community sector and build community resilience.

Outcomes of the research program will be delivered through the Bankwest Social Impact Series and through community workshops and forums. This paper is the seventh paper in the Social Impact Series and focuses on the theme of A Year in the Life of Western Australia’s Social Enterprises.

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