Professor Paul Flatau

Professor Paul Flatau is the Director of the Centre for Social Impact UWA (CSI UWA) .

He commenced at CSI UWA in December 2010 and was formerly the Director of the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute's WA Research Centre.

Paul has over 60 publications in the fields of economics and social policy and has an excellent track record in applying for and winning external national competitive research grants and industry/government grants and consultancies (more than 25 external competitive research grants or consultancies over the last 15 years).

Much of Paul’s work in recent years has involved close contact with the not-for-profit sector, social enterprises, government partners, industry and philanthropists.

Paul has made significant contributions to the analysis of social and economic outcomes, and social impact and the effectiveness of programs and interventions in Indigenous housing, poverty, unemployment, homelessness, housing, and the assessment of social innovations.

Paul holds a PhD in Economics from Murdoch University, an M.Ec. from UWA and a B.Ec. from Sydney University.