Bankwest Social Impact Series 6 - The future of outcomes measurement in the community sector in Western Australia

Authored by:

Sarah Adams, Paul Flatau, Claire Stokes

Status: Completed

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This is the sixth publication from the Bankwest Foundation Social Impact Series, and the fourth report in the research stream of Measuring Outcomes for Impact in the Western Australia Community Sector. The previous reports in this research stream investigated the international landscape of outcomes measurement (Issue #1), the perspectives of key community sector stakeholders (Issue #3) and the practice, prevalence and funding of outcomes measurement in the Western Australian community sector (Issue #5).

This report provides strong evidence of a high level of support for outcomes measurement on the part of community sector organisations in Western Australia, but also the challenges they face in measuring their impact. It also lists the key priorities of the community sector going forward and presents a strategic program to both support and further promote outcomes measurement in Western Australia.

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