Bankwest Foundation Social Impact Series 8: Outcomes Measurement in the Community Sector

Authored by:

Paul Flatau

Status: Completed July 2017

This is the eighth publication from the Bankwest Foundation Social Impact Series, and the fifth report in the Measuring Outcomes for Impact in the Western Australia Community Sector research program. The previous reports in this research program explored the international experience of outcomes measurement (Issue #1), the views of organisations operating in the community sector organisation in Western Australia (Issue #3) on outcomes measurement and the results of the first Outcomes Measurement in the Western Australian Community Sector Survey (Issues #5 and #6). Issue #5 of the Social Impact Series focused on the practice, prevalence and funding of outcomes measurement in the WA community sector, while Issue #6 identified the barriers and challenges to outcomes measurement and evaluated the overall survey findings in relation to the CSI UWA recommendations put forward on improving outcomes measurement at the end of Issue #3.

In this report, we present the findings of the second Australian survey of outcomes measurement in the community sector. The second Outcomes Measurement in the Western Australian Community Sector Survey was conducted from February to April 2017 and sent to every community sector charity registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC) operating in Western Australia.

This report extends the previous studies by collecting data for the second consecutive year on the state of play of outcomes measurement across the community sector in Western Australia. This allows us to provide unique empirical evidence on outcomes measurement across a wide variety of community organisations. We also conducted analyses matching respondent answers in this year’s survey from their answers to the 2016 survey, in order to track progress on outcomes measurement over time.

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