One Good* Day evaluation project

The Centre for Social Impact Swinburne (CSI Swinburne) partnered with One Good* Day on a research project that aimed to explore:

  1. The difference Recovery Coaching services made for NDIS participants with a psychosocial disability;
  2. The effectiveness of One Good* Day’s organisational design in supporting employee wellbeing and scalability of service provision; and
  3. The potential to share learnings from One Good* Day’s model to support other areas of the disability sector, offering some new ways of thinking about effective organisation design.

This research project led to a NDIS Review submission and two key publications:

  1. Psychosocial Recovery Coaching: Client outcomes and experiences shares findings on participants’ outcomes and experiences of Recovery Coaching; and

  2. Good practice and an engaged workforce: Building an Effective, Modern Organisation for the NDIS describes the key organisational features that enable One Good* Day to support good practice and an engaged workforce in the context of NDIS service delivery.

Below is a brief summary of each publication, and the link to each resource.

Psychosocial Recovery Coaching: Client outcomes and experiences

CSI Swinburne researchers interviewed and surveyed NDIS participants receiving Psychosocial Recovery Coaching to explore their experiences and outcomes of this service. We found that:

  • Overall, participants described positive experiences of Recovery Coaching, and improved outcomes in feeling valued and respected, meaning and purpose, understanding and using their NDIS funds, social support, and choice and control in daily life.
  • Though people sometimes experienced barriers to outcomes, most participants reported that Recovery Coaching made a positive contribution to their outcomes and delivered what they had hoped for.
“My Recovery Coach has been amazing. Helpful and fast with responses and organising supports and researching anything I want to look into such as activities and other supports both NDIS and non-NDIS related. I am so grateful to have my Recovery Coach’s support. She has her own lived experience and really understands my needs and gets me. - Participant


Good practice and an engaged workforce: Building an Effective, Modern Organisation for the NDIS

This resource draws on our research findings to illustrate how effective organisation design can enable NDIS Provider organisations to build an engaged workforce, deliver good services, and achieve sustainable growth.

It may be most useful to other organisations operating within the NDIS, who share some of these goals and want to explore examples of implementing good practice.

The resource for NDIS Provider organisations includes a spotlight on how to design for team wellbeing and build an inclusive workforce, with a particular focus on:

  • The importance of connecting with skilled potential employees and strategies to consider in recruitment and building organisational capability.
  • Developing a work culture that embraces and values lived experience of mental health as a key attribute across the workforce, and supports the wellbeing of all team members.
  • Strategies to facilitate a supportive work environment, with layered formal and informal supports through teams (pods), senior staff, managers, and recruitment cohorts.
  • Implementing effective systems and processes that support people and capability, including flexible working practices and leave policies, clear practice guidance and templates that support success, and continued training and development of team members.