According to one study which involved more than 10,000 men aged 1963 to 1997 a happy marriage helps to reduce the risk of stroke and other cardiovascular complications in men.

Scientists found that the risk of stroke for single men is 64% higher than in that of married ones. Then there was a survey, in which men were supposed to determine whether their marriage is successful. It was found that 3.6% of participants believed their marriage unhappy. The risk of stroke in this group was more than 60% higher as well.

One of the study’s authors says honestly that he could not exactly explain this effect how happy family life influence the cardiovascular system.

Others explain it in particular that a loving wife supports her husband in the struggle with risk factors for stroke, for example, forcing him to quit smoking and manage with excess weight by practicing sports or eating a healthy diet.
Unfortunately, such studies have not been carried out in women.

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