August 21, 2020

CSI Swinburne welcomes three new adjuncts

The Centre for Social Impact Swinburne were delighted to welcome three new adjuncts in early July 2020.

Adjunct roles are honorary positions through which CSI acknowledges the leadership and contributions of key members of our community.

We welcome Dr Catherine Brown, Sarah Davies and Dr Natasha Chassagne:

Adjunct Professor Dr Catherine Brown OAM

Catherine is CEO of the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation and a recent graduate of Swinburne’s PhD by practice-based research. Her thesis is entitled Unlocking the innovation potential of philanthropic foundations.

A member of the Federal Government’s Social Impact Investing Taskforce, Catherine is a leader in innovation in philanthropy, has played a pioneering role in impact-first impact investing in Australia, and has been committed to building the capacity of the charitable sector for most of her career.

Adjunct Professor Sarah Davies AM

Sarah is CEO of Philanthropy Australia. Having held leadership roles in both philanthropic and not-for-profit organisations, Sarah is a significant voice for effective philanthropy and civil society in Australia. Sarah has played a pivotal role at CSI, as a long-term board member and current Deputy Chair, and within CSI Swinburne as Chair of our Course Advisory Committee.

Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Natasha Chassagne

Natasha received her PhD through CSI Swinburne in 2019 and her work contributes to the Centre’s research in inclusive economies and social innovation. Her adjunct appointment supports active collaboration on new research in Tasmania as part of Swinburne’s RegionxLink program in Tasmania.

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