August 8, 2016

CSI Research Director in TEDx line up

The Centre for Social Impact's national Research Director, Professor Kristy Muir, will take to the stage and screen at TEDxUNSW on Saturday 13 August 2016. 

The theme for TEDxUNSW is The Human Spectrum - which is about exploring the broad range of human beings and ideas in UNSW in order to uncover the shades within the spectrum that you wouldn’t normally be able to see. These hidden ideas, brimming at the surface, is what UNSW Australia aims to showcase in its first ever TEDx event.

Featuring in a line up of speakers including Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki and TIME Magazine’s 2009 Hero of the Environment, Dorjee Sun, among others, Professor Kristy Muir will be speaking on the topic of financial resilience - which is new knowledge emerging from the Centre for Social Impact. 'Financial resilience' not only considers your access to financial products and services, but how you bounce back from financial shocks and what infrastructure (social, physical and economic) you have around you to do so. It is a topic and redefinition in thinking that has the potential to reshape how, when and with what assistance business, government and not-for-profit organisations intervene to help Australia's most disadvantaged individuals.

You can follow the conversation on Twitter using hashtags #tedxunsw and #thehumanspectrum, visit the TEDxUNSW Facebook page, or follow CSI and Professor Kristy Muir on Twitter @CSIsocialimpact @KristyMuir2

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