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The Centre for Social Impact is proud to work with the broadest network of bright minds committed to solving the systems failing in today - and tomorrow’s - society. That includes our team.

We are an organisation of systems thinkers and creative innovators. Our team includes researchers, teachers, policy and advocacy specialists, communicators and marketers, event designers, convenors and thought leaders. We are a collaborative partnership of three universities: the University of New South Wales, Australia; Swinburne University of Technology and The University of Western Australia.

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Dr Amber Earles

Suzanna Mahinder

Lecturer and Course Authority

Elizabeth-Rose Ahearn

Senior Research Officer - Outcomes Measurement

Jessica Anthony

Executive Assistant

Amir Aryani

Head of the Social Data Analytics (SoDA) Lab

Dr Mariana Atkins

Research Assistant Professor

Heather Bailey


Emma Barnes

Research Support Administrator

Distinguished Professor Jo Barraket

CSI Swinburne Director

Teneisha Bhalla

Course Authority and Tutor

James Blackwell

Research Fellow (Indigenous Policy)

Elloise Brady

Project Officer - Executive Education

Dr Jeremiah Brown

Research Fellow

Dr Chris Brown

Research Fellow

Associate Professor Graham Brown

Research and Evaluation Director

Associate Professor Renu Burr

Associate Professor

Zoe Callis

Research Officer

Dr Cobi Calyx

Postdoctoral Fellow - Science for Impact

Dr Robert Campain

Research Fellow

Dr Perri Campbell

Research Fellow

Professor Gemma Carey

CSI National Research Director / CSI UNSW Academic Director

Anna Cessario


Nicholas Chau

Centre Manager, CSI UNSW

Kathryn Conway

National Operations Manager and Centre Manager, CSI UWA

Tracy De Cotta

Senior Research Assistant

Dr Krzysztof Dembek


Dr Graham Dwyer


Aurora Elmes

Research Fellow

Professor Robyn Eversole

Deputy Director, CSI Swinburne / Director, RegionxLink

Professor Jane Farmer

Director, Swinburne Social Innovation Research Institute

Professor Paul Flatau

CSI UWA Director

Margaret Gibson

Community Impact Specialist, UWA

Celia Green

Research Fellow

Nicola Hannigan

CSI UNSW Operations Director & National Corporate Communications Director

Chris Hartley

Research Fellow

Dr Kiros Hiruy

Senior Research Fellow

Tom Hull

Social Impact Industry Director

Rebecca Willow-Anne Hutton

Senior Research Assistant

Nicolette Jackson

Casual Academic

Ramana James

Course Facilitator

Dr Andrew Joyce

Senior Research Fellow

Lisette Kaleveld

Project Officer

Michael Katz

Senior Lecturer and Course Authority

James Kelly

Research Assistant

Cheryl Kernot

Social Business Fellow

Sandra Killick

Facilitator and Project Manager

Sandeep Kirpalani

Lecturer and Course Authority

Deborah Kohn

Education Support Officer

Dr Emma Lee

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research Fellow

Louise Luscombe

Centre Manager

Lisa Lusthaus


Eleanor Malbon

Research Fellow

Axelle Marjolin

Research Officer

Associate Professor Chris Mason

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Lyndsey McKee

National Industry Director

Dr Ariella Meltzer

Research Fellow

Ali Mollinger-Sahba

Lecturer and Researcher

Nicole Moore

Casual Researcher

Dr Michael Moran

National Education Director and Senior Lecturer, CSI Swinburne

Keira Morris-Akeroyd

Facilitator and Tutor

Batool Moussa

Research Assistant

Professor Kristy Muir

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Jack Noone

Senior Research Fellow

Ben Pecotich

Social Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Francesca Pinzone

Academic and Senior Project Officer - Executive Education

Adjunct Professor Abigail Powell

Dr Joanne Qian-Khoo

Research Fellow

Dr Ioana Ramia

Research Fellow and Course Authority

Emma Riseley

Senior Research Assistant

Margaret (Mags) Martin

Administrative Officer

Lisa Ryan

Course Authority

Tania Sabatino

Executive Assistant

Shanil Samarakoon


Kate Saporta

Manager, CSI Swinburne Social Startup Studio

Vanessa Schilt

Education Administrator

Krystian Seibert

Industry Fellow

Dr Ami Seivwright

Postdoctoral Fellow

CSI Students Services team

Angela Sidoti


Darcy Small


Brody Smith


Katie Stubley

Strategic Design, Lecturer, Co-Director Social Impact Festival , Impact Labs

Dr John Stubley

Project Officer, UWA

Dr Roksolana Suchowerska

Research Fellow

Dr Jinki Trevillian

Director of Education - CSI UNSW

Shannen Vallesi

Research Associate

Dr Meera Varadharajan

Research Fellow

Dr Alexandra Walker

Senior Lecturer and Course Authority

Kurt Walkom


Libby Ward-Christie

Principal Industry Fellow

Dr Megan Weier

Research Fellow

Professor Erin Wilson

Uniting Kildonan Chair in Community Services Innovation

Dr Chris WIlson

Research Fellow

Associate Professor Lisa Wood

Senior Research Fellow

Thomas Writer

Research Officer

Rhonda Yanitsas

National Content and Engagement Lead


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