Dr Jack Noone

Photo of a man with short dark hair and a beard, wearing a collared shirt. He is smiling at the camera.

Dr Jack Noone joined Centre for Social Impact UNSW (CSI UNSW) in 2016 and is a Senior Research Fellow.

He is passionate about collaboration, specifically sharing the insights from his research to help people to work better together.

Jack developed the   Collaboration Health Assessment Tool (CHAT) - in partnership with practitioners from Collaboration for Impact - which partners can use together to determine how well their collaborative relationship is functioning over time.

Jack also conducts research on financial wellbeing and financial capability with a particular interest in “what works” to improve people’s financial situation. He is interested in helping stakeholder organisations understand their role in improving the financial wellbeing of vulnerable groups. '

He is also an investigator for an Australian Research Council grant project to develop stronger policy responses with respect to Australia’s ageing workforce. This research focuses on how to protect the health and wellbeing of older workers so they can choose when they want to retire, rather than being forced into retirement due to poor health, redundancy, and other factors.

Jack is a member of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission’s Financial Wellbeing Network and a steering group member for ASIC’s Research Road Map.

He is also a member of the Global Access Partners’ Standing Committee on Productive Ageing , and an Associate Investigator for UNSW’s Ageing Futures Institute  - an initiative designed to promote cross-disciplinary research and cross-sector relationships.