Collaboration Health Assessment Tool

The Collaboration Health Assessment Tool (CHAT) is a simple online diagnostics tool which helps to measure how collaborators are working together now and into the future.

CHAT gives users the option of either interacting with the tool on a one off basis or by setting up an account with (or without) their collaborators.

For more information please read our FAQs or download our CHAT resources below. You can also email .

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use CHAT for different collaborations?
    Only if you use a separate email address for each collaboration.

  2. Why can’t I invite other people to take the survey?
    You may have registered under the 'One-off CHAT survey' category. You’ll have to delete your account under the 'My details' section and re-register by selecting the 'New CHAT survey' option on the registration page.

  3. I can’t get CHAT working?
    Please send any questions to .

  4. Is there a pen and paper version of CHAT?
    No, but you can download the questions and response categories from the CHAT Survey Items document to make your own pen and paper version.

  5. Why can’t I see the results?
    To protect people’s privacy you'll only see the responses once five people have responded.