Dr Catherine Mackenzie

Photo of a woman with medium length dark hair and a fringe, wearing a dark shirt. She is smiling at the camera.

Catherine Mackenzie is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Social Impact Flinders (CSI Flinders) and has more than 15 years’ experience in social and public health research.

She has a background in anthropology and politics and obtained her PhD in Public Health in 2010.

Catherine has a particular interest in co-design and community participation and has been developing methods to improve participant engagement and interaction with research topics (such as using interactive maps and emoji, and critical realist reviews).

With her colleagues at Flinders University, Catherine works with people and communities to drive evidence-led change in the social, health, and service sectors. Her program of research investigates contemporary questions generated with government and non-government industry partners and communities.

Most of Catherine’s research focus is directed towards the Hearing Country Voices Research Partnership with Uniting Country South Australia. In this work, she brings together her passions for participatory and applied research with the capacity to address important questions for regional, rural, and remote communities.

Catherine has experience teaching in Public Health (Social Determinants of Health), in the Graduate Entry Medical Program and in Speech Pathology at Flinders University using problem-based learning.

Catherine spent her childhood in remote South Australia and New South Wales, has two adult sons and is a practising artist.