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Amplify Social Impact

16 March 2022
Amplify Social Impact is a ground-breaking initiative designed to improve the wellbeing of Australia’s communities, families and individuals. It does this by measuring, understanding, and influencing the social impact of ...

Community Services Outcomes Tree

1 November 2021
The Community Services Outcomes Tree is a free framework for capturing the outcomes individuals experience as a result of community services. Based on an extensive review of government, not-for-profit and ...

Roadmap to social impact

8 September 2021
Roadmap to social impact: Your step-by-step guide to planning, measuring and communicating social impact (The Roadmap) is a step-by-step guide to support you and your organisation through the process of ...

SEE Space

15 July 2021
The Social Entrepreneurship Evidence Space (SEES) is an open research platform for the Social Entrepreneurship community which exists to help grow the social entrepreneurship community in Australia and beyond through ...

Social Enterprise Impact Lab (SEIL)

3 August 2020
The Social Enterprise Impact Lab (SEIL) is both a ground-breaking action-research project and an online evaluation tool, created to help build internal evaluation capacity for social changed-focused organisations to navigate ...

Australian Social Progress Index

1 January 2020
Beyond GDP, the Australian Social Progress Index is an online resource that will give governments the ability to measure their state or territory’s progress towards meeting people’s basic needs and ...

Collaboration Health Assessment Tool

16 May 2019
The Collaboration Health Assessment Tool (CHAT) is a simple yet powerful online resource for measuring how collaborators are working together now and into the future. CHAT gives users the option ...

Map for Impact

22 May 2018
Map for Impact is a ground-breaking study to identify and map Victoria’s social enterprises and explore their social and economic characteristics. Map for Impact seeks to improve and expand on ...

The Travel Companion: Your guide to working with others for social outcomes

22 May 2018
The Centre for Social Impact believes we need effective models of collaboration to develop innovative solutions to the biggest social challenges today. But not all problems require systemic change and ...

The Compass: Your guide to social impact measurement

16 May 2018
If you are interested in understanding whether social change has occurred and you are taking steps to measure (that is, “assess the importance, effect or value” of what you do) ...

The Navigator: Your guide to leadership for social purpose

16 May 2018
At the Centre for Social Impact we believe that effective leadership for social purpose is one of the keys to achieving a better world, where people have the opportunity to ...

The Change Collection: Orientating your journey

16 May 2018
Indicator assessment and selection is an important process for outcomes measurement. But how do you get started? This guide, part of the Centre for Social Impact's Change Collection, aims to ...

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