Seedkit: An online tool to track and communicate social enterprise impacts

Empowering social enterprises to make a difference

Initiated and powered by the Centre for Social Impact at Swinburne University and Melbourne Social Equity Institute, with funding support from Victoria State Government, Seedkit's self-managed reporting platform helps social enterprises to measure, track and communicate operations and impacts via customised dashboards and reports.

How does Seedkit work?

  1. It enables you to select or create indicators that accurately reflect your social enterprise's impact goals and business operations
  2. It provides you with a simple and streamlined way of entering and monitoring data for each indicator
  3. It generates meaningful data dashboards and downloadable reports for stakeholders

Importantly, Seedkit is a powerful source of information about the social enterprise sector. The developers are highly experienced social enterprise researchers who are able to aggregate and analyse anonymised data to generate insights and provide social enterprises, policy-makers and funders with the evidence they need to help the sector thrive.

Embark on your social impact journey

You can get started with Seedkit in just 4 easy steps:

  1. Register: Set up an organisation account and register one or more social enterprises
  2. Choose indicators: Select or create indicators to manage your operations and report on how your social enterprise is changing the world
  3. Enter data: Define and submit data on indicators you want to measure regularly
  4. Communicate impact: Create and export reports from dashboards and share them with stakeholders