How is the disability sector faring? 2019 Report

Status: Completed December 2019

Prepared by the Centre for Social Impact, UNSW Sydney
Carey, G., Weier, M., Malbon, E., Dickinson, H., Alexander, D., &
Duff, G.

A report from the National Disability Services' Annual Market Survey.

The National Disability Services’ (NDS) Annual Market Survey is a key resource in understanding the state of the Australian disability sector, its challenges and opportunities.

A key driver for this research is the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and the substantial restructuring of individual organisations and the supply-side of the scheme. This research is intended to identify risks, monitor change and identify any undesirable consequences occurring in the disability sector.

While findings have been included in the NDS State of the Sector Report (2018), the Centre for Social Impact is providing a long-form report for the sector.

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