100 Families WA

Authored by:

Zoe Callis, Paul Flatau

Status: Completed August 2021

University Partners:

Latest 100 Familes WA reports (6 August, 2021):

> Full report: Insights into hardship and disadvantage in Perth, WA
> Summary report: Insights into hardship and disadvantage in Perth, WA

100 Families WA is a 3-year collective action research project with a vision to address the issue of entrenched disadvantage or hardship, as experienced by families living in Western Australia (WA).

The 100 Families WA project utilises a unique combination of longitudinal quantitative data, fortnightly qualitative interviews with family members, and linked administrative data together with active engagement of those with lived experience in the design of the study to develop a comprehensive picture of entrenched disadvantage in in Perth.

The 100 Families WA baseline report was released on 4 September 2019 and forms part of a wider study to understand entrenched disadvantage in Perth. The baseline study involves 400 families, while in-depth interviews with 100 families will continue until 2022.

The baseline report examined the domains of social, health and economic wellbeing, including demographics, family and household composition, income, material deprivation, employment, health, mental health, substance use, wellbeing and quality of life, and adverse life experiences.

WACOSS, Anglicare WA, Ruah Community Services, Wanslea, Jacaranda, Centrecare, Uniting WA, Mercycare, the UWA Social Policy Practice and Research Consortium and the Centre for Social Impact UWA are collaborative partners on the project.


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