Community Services Outcomes Tree - Latest Insights and Platform Updates

Join us for an insightful webinar as we explore the Community Services Outcomes Tree (CSOT) approach to outcomes measurement, two years on! The CSOT is a comprehensive approach to measuring outcomes resulting from community services and social purpose interventions and was developed by CSI Swinburne with the support of funding from Uniting Vic Tas.

The CSOT was developed based on an extensive review of review of government, not-for-profit and academic literature. Since its launch, the CSOT has received strong engagement from users in Australia and internationally. CSI Swinburne has supported organisations to use the CSOT across a wide array of sectors including homelessness, family services, early learning, NDIS recovery coaching, education, energy efficiency, and others.

In this webinar, we introduce updated resources, share lessons learned, and delve into the complexities of measuring outcomes using the Community Services Outcomes Tree.

Meet the speaker:

Professor Erin Wilson is the Uniting Chair in Community Services Innovation at CSI Swinburne and is a leading researcher and thinker in participatory social change.

She has a record of accomplishment in the areas of disability and inclusion and, prior to this, Indigenous community management and development.

Professor Wilson's research career has focused on research that ‘makes a difference’ through the participation of those most affected and the high utility of the research products. Working collaboratively with key stakeholders, she has sought to influence policy and practice through strongly embedded projects that directly interface with stakeholder activities and offer immediate translation opportunities into policy and practice.


Following the presentations from our speaker, Professor Erin Wilson will lead an interactive panel discussion and Q&A, providing an opportunity for audience members to engage directly.

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