Amplify Social Impact is a ground-breaking initiative by the Centre for Social Impact, designed to improve the lives of Australian individuals, groups and communities by amplifying the impact of research.

Comprised of three different initiatives, Amplify Social Impact delivers solution-oriented data and tools which equip the for-purpose sector to address Australia’s complex social problems.

Amplify Insights

Amplify Insights are a series of in-depth reports into specific social issue areas, seeking to inform, engage, and create social impact by revealing key levers of change.

Insights reports are currently available on housing affordability and homelessness, financial wellbeing and education inequity.

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Amplify Social Impact Online

Amplify Social Impact Online (Amplify Online) is an online platform, consisting of two quantitative impact measurement tools - Indicator Engine and Yardstick.

Indicator Engine is a world-first survey building platform, which puts validated and reliable social impact indicators in the hands of for-purpose organisations to conduct independent outcomes measurement.

Yardstick (launching soon) will provide an automated statistical analysis of the data collected through Indicator Engine, for initiatives and organisations looking to track their progress and benchmark their impact across the sector.

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Australian Social Progress Index

The Australian Social Progress Index (ASPI) is an online resource that will give governments the ability to understand the quality of life of their state or territory beyond economic measures such as GDP.

The ASPI measures progress towards meeting people’s basic needs and foundations for wellbeing by comparing jurisdictions and tracking them over time. This reveals which areas are flourishing and where there are gaps.

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