Amplify Social Impact Online FAQs

We've listed a few of the questions we're often asked about Amplify Social Impact Online, and Indicator Engine in particular.

How can I get in contact with the Amplify Online team?

Please send an email to the Amplify Online team via . We also encourage you to subscribe to the Amplify Social Impact mailing list to be amongst the first to hear about Yardstick launch information, platform resources, live demos and other Amplify news.

What is the vision of Amplify Online?

The vision of Amplify Social Impact Online (Amplify Online) is to improve the use of evidence-based decision making, enable widespread social impact evaluation, and provide insights to as many of the social purpose organisations in Australia as possible.

What makes up Amplify Online?

Amplify Online is made up of Indicator Engine and Yardstick . Indicator Engine was the first tool launched in March 2022 Yardstick is launching in stages throughout 2023, beginning with market and user testing throughout February. It will launch publicly later in 2023.

Who can use Amplify Online?

Amplify Online can be used by any organisation with a registered ABN that is interested in measuring their social impact.

Do I have to pay to use Amplify Online?

No. We believe that all organisations should be able to measure their impact. At the moment, Amplify is free to use for all organisations. We plan to take a small fee from larger organisations using a tiered system to sustain the longevity of the platform, but it will remain free for small to medium not-for-profit organisations.

We will announce when and how the usage fee for larger organisations will come into effect soon.

How do I register and/or sign into Indicator Engine?

Visit the Amplify Online platform to register your organisation or log into Indicator Engine and Yardstick (when it launches). Once you’ve registered for Amplify Online, please allow 3 business days for your organisation to be approved.

When is Yardstick coming?

Yardstick is launching in stages throughout 2023, after a successful build in 2022. Yardstick's staged launch begins with market testing throughout February. We plan to share it with the public soon.

The legal name you provide must appear exactly as it does under the Australian Business Register . Sometimes the registered legal name for an ABN is different to the name of your organisation. You can look up the legal name using the Australian Business Directory.

Please also make sure there are no spaces between numbers in your ABN. Our system recognises that ABNs are 11 digits and can get confused with spacing.

Who can register my organisation for Amplify Online?

Anyone who would be authorised to sign on behalf of your organisation can register for Indicator Engine. The level of authority would be decided at your organisation’s internal discretion.

If I'm registered for Indicator Engine, am I automatically registered for Yardstick?

Yes, registered users of Indicator Engine will have automatic access to Yardstick when it launches. Both Indicator Engine and Yardstick's infrastructure are housed under function tabs on Amplify Online.

Where is my data stored and how is it protected?

All data that you collect using Indicator Engine is stored in Australia. Your data is 100% your property and you retain all rights, title and interest in and to your data. You can select our level of use and access to your data – in other words, we cannot access your data unless you permit us to. Similarly, Yardstick can only analyse your data with your direction.

What is meant by 'automated analysis'?

Yardstick will only generate an automated analysis of data collected via Indicator Engine when directed by the user, who has created an 'Analysis Flow'. Yardstick cannot analyse data of its own accord.

How many indicators are on the platform and where do they come from?

We have hundreds of indicators available for use on Indicator Engine which are drawn from a growing database of measurement tools. Our researchers regularly process indicators for the platform which are added based on the sector's needs.

We source our indicators from existing research, including national data sets and validated scales, to ensure you can reliably and accurately measure your impact.

Can I request for an indicator to be added?

Yes, we want to hear from you about potential indicators for the platform. Please email us via and one of the Amplify Online team members will assist you.

Are there any resources that can guide me on how to use the platform?

Our Construction Manual provides the detail of Indicator Engine and the processes behind the platform. We have also published an Indicator Engine User Manual, which is currently only available to registered users. Please email us for more info .

We also host regular drop-in training sessions for registered users, showcasing different functionalities of the platform each week. These sessions are an informal opportunity for users to ask questions directly from the Amplify Online team.

We encourage you to subscribe to the Amplify Social Impact mailing list to be amongst the first to hear of Amplify news, platform updates, resources and events.