Professor Gemma Carey

* Currently on maternity leave *

Professor Gemma Carey comes from a family that has shifted from deprivation and limited education, to fully tertiary educated in two generations.

Since turning 30, she has lived with varying levels of physical disability, after her immune system attacked her nervous system.

Gemma believes that working to create equitable living conditions and opportunities is a fundamental responsibility of communities and governments, and these beliefs underpin her work at the Centre for Social Impact, where she leads a multi-disciplinary team of researchers committed to addressing inequality.

She works with governments and non-government organisations to identify and change structures and processes that impact inequality, and at the moment her research is primarily focused on the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Gemma has published four books and over 70 journal articles on different aspects of policy and health. She has a PhD in social policy and population health, and a Masters of Arts (Anthropology and sociology).

Papers and industry pieces can be read at:

You can hear from Gemma in the impact2020 webinar: The NDIS - Where are we and what are the challenges?

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