April 26, 2017

Student Story: Janet Liu

When Janet Liu, Manager of Financial Inclusion at ANZ Bank was looking to study an MBA, one course and business school stood out above others. 

“There are a few reasons I chose to study the MBAX at UNSW Business School - the reputation of the school and the academic rigour, as well as the ability to study online to match my work commitments and lifestyle,” she says. “And of course, I chose to study the Social Impact stream. The fact that this specialty was available for studying online was really exciting to me.”

Janet is currently the manager of financial inclusion at one of Australia’s leading banks, ANZ. In her role, she is responsible for ANZ’s financial literacy agenda, including the management of Saver Plus, Australia's largest and longest running matched savings and financial education program, delivered locally by community organisations in 60 locations across Australia. The program assists individuals and families on lower incomes to develop long-term saving habits and reach a savings goal. 

Upon completion of the program, Janet hopes to be even more of a change-maker and wants to encourage and enable the corporate sector to act on social change in a more meaningful way.

“I hope that the program equips me not only with the practical tools to accelerate change but also guides me on how to influence decision makers. So far, I feel like there is a real balance of academic and practical work in the program. I am already using some of my learnings in the workplace to drive change. It’s an exciting journey to be on.

Janet credits the program for influencing her thinking and expanding her understanding of issues faced by different sectors.

“I think one of the big surprises is how much I’m learning from my fellow classmates, even though I’m studying online. We come from such varied backgrounds so there is a lot of diversity in thought. We are also keen to challenge each other's thinking. It’s stimulating and challenging and gives me new perspectives to reflect on.” 

Janet studies the MBA (Social Impact) online so that she can balance her busy career and life with the demands of completing the program. For more information about the MBA (Social Impact), contact csistudents@unsw.edu.au .


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