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Strategic Vision

CSI’s strategic vision and intent for the next five years is all about using research and providing education to catalyse social change . To find out more and download our strategic vision, click on the link below.

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CSI is working on a bold new project called Amplify which will help the social sector to measure and track their impact and progress. It will also support people working for social change to be data-driven and outcomes-focused so they can improve people’s lives and create a stronger, better society.

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The State of Homelessness in Australia’s Cities

Australia’s veterans and Indigenous Australians are at significant risk of experiencing homelessness and sleeping rough in Australia’s cities according to new research released today by the Centre for Social Impact at The University of Western Australia (CSI UWA) in partnership with the Australian Alliance to End Homelessness (AAEH).

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Our thinking

Addressing The Gaps

Kristy Muir professor of social policy and CEO of the Centre for Social Impact at UNSW Business School talks to Julian Lorkin at UNSW Business School about some of the social issues that face Australia and what we can be done about it.

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AIFS Conference

CSI is proud to by supporting the 2018 AIFS conference. Join leading thinkers and change-makers at the Australian Institute of Family Studies 2018 Conference, which will look ahead and ask: what does the future for families look like?

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Financial Resilience

The latest Financial Resilience and Access to Financial Products and Services report by CSI, reveals that a growing number of Australians are at risk of not being able to access the financial products and services they need

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Our Research Projects

Australia spends more than $300 billion on social purpose. So why aren’t we making a difference? Why are we so stuck? What do we need to do differently? CSI’s research tackles these questions.

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