Dr Ariella Meltzer

Photo of a woman with long dark hair, wearing glasses. She is smiling at the camera.

Dr Ariella Meltzer is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Social Impact UNSW (CSI UNSW) .

Her research focus is on relationships and social change, with particular interests in disability, young people, siblings and families, mentoring, peer support and supportive community relationships. She also has a core research interest in information accessibility for people with disability.

Much of Ariella’s work seeks to unpack the idea of ‘relational service provision’ – i.e. human services that both support and are supported by the variety of human relationships which are present in people’s lives and which impact their social and economic outcomes. She also researches the delivery of human services within complex conditions, including during the COVID-19 pandemic and the lived experience of dynamic service systems, such as Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Ariella works closely with government departments and not-for-profit organisations throughout the disability and youth services sectors, to ensure that her research findings inform real-world impact for those delivering human services and their beneficiary groups. The success of her research is reflected in ongoing research relationships with several organisations.

Methodologically, Ariella is experienced in complex qualitative research, including projects involving multiple stakeholders, longitudinal components, complex project management requirements, multiple methods and diverse informational needs for different audiences. Her skills cross field work with people with disability and young people, analysis of complex qualitative data and the presentation of information for different audiences.

Outside her work at CSI, Ariella holds pro bono roles as a Board member for the NSW Council for Intellectual Disability and a Research and Social Policy Advisor for Siblings Australia.