Australian Digital Inclusion Index

The Australian Digital Inclusion Index (ADII) tracks and reports on digital inclusion in Australia, using data from the Australian Internet Usage Survey to measure digital inclusion across three dimensions:

  1. Access
  2. Affordability
  3. Digital ability

The ADII measures these three dimensions because research shows they are the key requirements of digital inclusion.

Where early research on digital inclusion focused on questions of access, subsequent work has shown the influence of digital skills or abilities, and affordability challenges, as the use of online technologies has grown.

As part of the Index we explore how these dimensions vary across Australia and across different social groups.

The ADII was first developed in 2015 in response to the increasing need for data to inform the development of more effective policies, products, and programs to improve digital inclusion.

Revised to reflect the evolution of usage patterns and the skills required to navigate life online, the latest ADII (2021 Australian Digital Inclusion Index) provides a detailed measure of digital inclusion for Australia allowing us to identify critical barriers to inclusion related to access, the costs of devices or data, and digital literacy.

By identifying these barriers, the Index can help shape initiatives to improve digital inclusion across Australia.

Please note: From 2021 onwards, the ADII is based on data derived from the Australian Internet Usage Survey. As such, 2021 indicators are not comparable with previous Index results.