Naomi Winter, Scholarship Student: Leading with social impact in mind.

Driven by the belief that everyone deserves the chance to be happy in life, 2023 CSI UWA scholarship winner Naomi Winter is passionate about social equality and advocating for those who are vulnerable. That’s why, while working for the Western Australian Government, Naomi undertook the Graduate Certificate in Social Impact at The University of Western Australia.

“I am interested in the way government and non-government sectors can work together to create positive social change and improve the well-being of individuals and families. I believe access to equal education and opportunities is important for all young people and I’m passionate about improving outcomes for Indigenous Australians.”

“Through my current role in a government human services agency, I have been exposed to a range of amazing initiatives that are working to generate positive social change which inspired me to get involved.”

Leadership with a difference

Now nearing completion of her four-unit course, Naomi is looking forward to her last unit Social Investment and Philanthropy.

It’s the Leadership for Social Impact unit that has truly changed her mindset and inspired innovative thinking, equipping her with key leadership tools to create a more positive and ethical work environment. This foundational unit covers current challenges in achieving social benefit and models of leadership that can assist in identifying adaptive challenges for leaders, suggesting ways in which they might intervene more effectively to create positive social outcomes.

“I wanted to feel like I was making a difference in the workplace even if it wasn’t in a role specifically focused on social impact.”

“Once I have a bit more work experience, I may go on and study an MBA in Social Impact at UWA.”

Connecting with social impact professionals

For Naomi, meeting new people with a variety of backgrounds and diverse viewpoints on social impact topics was beneficial to her learning. A key part of the course is group discussions and group projects, enabling students to collaborate and share ideas based on both their learning and their personal industry experience.

“One of my main takeaways from the course is the wealth of knowledge I have gained from meeting individuals from a diverse range of industries, backgrounds, and experiences. Conversations I have had across the course have encouraged me to consider different points of view and see other perspectives.”

The Graduate Certificate in Social Impact aims to help students achieve social impact and create meaningful social value. The course is designed to build the managerial capacity of professionals across the corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors.

“I would recommend this course to others across all industries as I think it provides both a great foundation of understanding of the issues we are currently facing but also practical skills to influence positive change.”

Embracing her new Australian lifestyle

As a UK native, Naomi has enjoyed adapting to Australian life by taking up swimming and following AFL. When she’s not working or studying, Naomi likes going to the beach and the pool. Her biggest personal highlight has been completing a bronze medallion for Surf Life Saving, further inspiring her to take on the Rottnest Swim in February 2023, a 19.7km open-water swim across the channel between the WA coast and Rottnest Island.

Naomi Winter - CSI UWA - Surf Life Saving
Naomi after completion of her bronze medallion for Surf Life Saving

“In my spare time, I also try and squeeze in some art classes which I find are a great way to relax during the week.”

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