Danjoo Koorliny Walking Together

What is Danjoo Koorliny Walking Together?

The Centre for Social Impact UWA is proud to provide a hosting platform for Danjoo Koorliny Walking Together. Danjoo Koorliny (‘dan-joo coorl-in’) is a large-scale, long-term, systems-change movement designed and led by Aboriginal people to help us all walk together towards 2029 (marking 200 years of colonisation in Perth) and beyond.

Established in 2019, the movement focuses on improving the relationship between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in Western Australia and promoting understanding, reconciliation, and respect between our communities.

Danjoo Koorliny engages in community events, workshops, cultural exchanges, on-country experiences, and education programs, fostering a deeper understanding of Aboriginal culture, heritage, and history. These initiatives create opportunities for dialogue, storytelling and sharing knowledge between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people to build stronger relationships and promote reconciliation.

Elevating Aboriginal culture

Danjoo Koorliny aims to create a better future for everyone. Fundamental change is needed across its four recognised environmental, social, economic, and cultural pillars. The time is right to drive significant change for future generations.

The leaders of Danjoo Koorliny are Dr Noel Nannup OAM, Dr Richard Walley OAM, Emeritus Professor Colleen Hayward AM and Carol Innes AM. Danjoo Koorliny’s Ambassadors include The Honourable Kim Beazley AC, Janet Holmes à Court AC, Professor Fiona Stanley AC and Professor Stephen Hopper AC.

Danjoo Koorliny Social Impact Festival

Every year, thousands gather in Perth for Danjoo Koorliny's Social Impact Festival - a unique and important platform to bring together diverse perspectives, voices and ideas that will shape the future of Western Australia.

Through a catalyst of dialogue, collaboration, and innovation, the festival fosters a sense of community and shared vision. It also encourages us to challenge the status quo, question existing systems, and find new ways to address social, economic, and environmental challenges, ultimately forging a path towards a more equitable and thriving West Australia in the year 2029 and beyond.

The Bunuru Festival - March 2024

The Festival was an opportunity to listen to unique perspectives, experiences, and insights to explore how Aboriginal culture has, since colonialism, gone from surviving and reviving to thriving.
As the pinnacle of the Festival, the Summit brings together diverse thought leaders, change-makers, artists, and innovators from across Western Australia and celebrates Aboriginal culture, values, and achievements. Every year, the conversations are culturally affirming and challenge the status quo. New ways to address social, economic, and environmental challenges are discussed while building and strengthening how Aboriginal people want to be represented, both now and beyond Danjoo Koorliny's 2029 vision.

The program featured a series of engaging and diverse speaker sessions, cultural workshops and experiences, and inspiring keynote presentations.

The previous Summits have inspired large-scale systems change, designed to help us all become better carers of everything through shifting cultural, social, environmental and economic outcomes.

For 2024, the theme was Culture: Survival, Resilience, Strength and Celebration.

2024 also marks five years since the inception of Danjoo Koorliny, the halfway point of a 10-year journey towards the 2029 bicentenary.

This celebration focused on a wide range of cultural themes and community-led activities for everyone to participate, as we continue our journey to drive change for future generations.

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