Dr Ariella Meltzer

Research Fellow

Ariella is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Social Impact. Ariella’s research is about relationships and social change. She focuses on both how to support relationships and how relationships can contribute to social change, for example, contributing to beneficial outcomes in social and economic engagement and wellbeing. To date, some of her key research has been about:

  • the relationships between people with and without disabilities, particularly the experience of and support to family and sibling relationships which include a person with a disability;
  • the experience and impact of relationships that young people have with trusted adults and mentors;
  • how relationships facilitate and function within peer support.

She has also worked on a range of other research focused more broadly on service and funding arrangements and other structural influences that promote social and economic engagement and other positive social outcomes, including for people with disabilities and young people and in housing and homelessness.

Ariella has experience in complex qualitative research, including projects involving multiple stakeholders, longitudinal components, complex project management requirements, multiple methods and diverse informational needs for different audiences. Her skills cross fieldwork with people with disabilities and young people, analysis of complex qualitative data and the presentation of information for different audiences, with a particular focus on accessible ‘Easy Read’ information for people with intellectual disabilities. Ariella completed her PhD at UNSW Sydney in 2015. 

Ariella's publications are available at https://research.unsw.edu.au/people/dr-ariella-meltzer/publications


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