About CSI

Our role

We believe in a stronger society for all.

Our mission is to improve the delivery of beneficial social impact in Australia through research, teaching, measurement and the promotion of public debate.

We take a systems approach to developing innovative solutions to the biggest social challenges today, with a vision for a better Australia tomorrow. Through our research, teaching, events and advocacy, we aim to ensure knowledge translates to impact.

We bring together leaders and organisations from business, government and social purpose sectors to build evidence-based, sustainable and scalable approaches to improving impact.

We facilitate collaboration between today’s thought leaders and influencers and we develop leaders of tomorrow through university education, conferences, workshops and events.

Our research, teaching and advocacy are focused around our social impact framework, which captures our vision for more effective systems for social impact in Australia.

Who we are

The Centre for Social Impact is a collaboration of three universities: UNSW Australia, Swinburne University of Technology, The University of Western Australia.

CSI was established through the generosity of the Australian government, four founding corporate supporters and four philanthropic contributions.

Download the Centre for Social Impact Annual Reports here.

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