Building gender equity and diversity in the Australian Construction Industry

Authored by:

Abigail Powell

Status: Completed January 2016

University, Research Partners:

Gender equity and diversity among construction sector professionals is a persistent problem which exacerbates skills shortages, reduces economic productivity and constrains innovative capacity. There is little understanding of why formal initiatives to attract, retain and promote more women professionals in the construction industry have failed. This research investigates the influence of the construction industry’s masculine culture on the intent of formal gender equity and diversity initiatives. By using new institutionalism theories for the first time in construction research, it couples a new conceptualisation of the issue with a major empirical study to devise innovative solutions to this intractable problem.

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Galea, N., Powell, A., Loosemore, M., and Chappell, L. (forthcoming) Designing robust and revisable policies for gender equality: lessons from the Australian Construction Industry. Construction Management and Economics. DOI: 10.1080/01446193.2015.1042887

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