Building Back Better: Deep Dives

Status: In Progress

The Centre for Social Impact’s Building Back Better project, running in parallel with our Pulse of the For-Purpose Sector research program (launched in May 2020), provides a tailored series of Deep Dives on particular social issue areas where CSI has strong capability.

The project is a large scale and national initiative which will monitor social issue areas over time, revealing what works, for whom, and when. CSI is leveraging its considerable expertise and networks to reveal how to create a more impactful, inclusive and sustainable future for all people in Australia.

1. Mental Health Deep Dive

The Mental Health Deep Dive, supported by Zurich Financial Services Australia and the Z Zurich Foundation, is the first Deep Dive in our Building Back Better series.

The four-part research report, launched in October 2021, examines how mental health and wellbeing is faring in Australia, finding that current funding models for youth mental health services across Australia have untapped potential in improving issues such as staff burnout, high costs and disrupted service provision to young people in need.

Research reports:

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2. Service Innovation Deep Dive

Acknowledging the significant impact of COVID-19 on community services, a team of CSI researchers from UWA, Swinburne and UNSW sought to understand the ways in which organisations in the aged care, disability, and emergency relief sectors innovated during COVID-19, and the learnings, practices and activities they want to continue beyond the pandemic.

Representatives from more than 34 organisations in Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales were interviewed from late 2020 to early 2021 for the five-part Service Innovation Deep Dive, and the research was driven by the core questions: What have services done differently during the COVID-19 crisis and what do they want to do differently in their post-pandemic service delivery?

Research reports:

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