Briefing Papers: An evidence-based series by the Centre for Social Impact

Status: In Progress

As we head into the 2022 Federal Election, the Centre for Social Impact has produced a series of evidence-based briefing papers to provide non-partisan evidence, interpretation and recommendations on a selection of policy priorities.

The papers - developed with expert contributions from across all four of CSI's centres - draw on our recent evidence-base and aim to resource and contribute to discussion and debate in the lead up to the election.

Briefing papers:

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About the Centre for Social Impact:

The Centre for Social Impact (CSI) is a national research and education centre built on the foundation of four of Australia’s leading universities: UNSW Sydney, The University of Western Australia, Swinburne University of Technology, and Flinders University.

CSI’s purpose is to catalyse positive social change, to help enable others to achieve social impact. This is achieved through transformational research and education that is rigorous and purpose-driven, and by working with people, communities and organisations to grow their capabilities through research, education, and leadership development.

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