April 21, 2021

Media Release: Measuring the health, social, and economic shocks of recent events in Australia – CSI launches Wave 2 of its national survey

Building on its 2020 report which investigated the impacts of the challenges faced in 2020 - including the bushfire crisis and COVID-19 – Wave 2 of the Centre for Social Impact’s Pulse for the For-Purpose Sector survey is now available.

An Australian first, this study aims to measure the impact of recent events in Australia, including associated policy or stimulus developments and changes in operating environments.

The study also takes a closer look at responses from various organisations.

The national research program Pulse for the For-Purpose Sector & Building Back Better was launched in May of 2020 to offer a rapid-research response in understanding and supporting the short-term needs of the sector; the evidence needed to support sector-based initiatives for a more inclusive and sustainable future; and a longitudinal data and research infrastructure for ongoing analysis.

CSI is now asking for participants in the for-purpose sector to take part in Wave 2 of this research as a means to further explore the impacts of recent global and national events and their associated challenges.

As detailed in the previous report, this study will aim to understand the widespread impacts of recent events on Australia’s health, economic, and social systems.

CSI’s National Research Director, Professor Gemma Carey, explained that the study will offer a thorough reflection of the implications of recent events, and will provide the for-purpose sector with key insights needed to rebuild.

“With this research we can begin to track and understand how policy changes, global crises, and local events impact the for-purpose sector, ” Professor Carey said.

“By arming for-purpose and community-based organisations with data and insights, we can assist them in recovering from these devastations and, crucially, prepare them for a sustainable future.”


About the Centre for Social Impact

The Centre for Social Impact (CSI) is a national research and education centre dedicated to catalysing social change for a better world. CSI is built on the foundation of three of Australia’s leading universities: UNSW Sydney, The University of Western Australia, and Swinburne University of Technology.

Our research develops and brings together knowledge to understand current social challenges and opportunities; our postgraduate and undergraduate education develops social impact leaders; and we aim to catalyse change by drawing on these foundations and translating knowledge, creating leaders, developing usable resources, and reaching across traditional divides to facilitate collaborations.

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