November 20, 2020

impact2020 webinar series

Over six weeks during April, May and June 2020 more than 5,000 people attended one or more of CSI's 35 hour-long impact2020 webinars, which covered a range of social impact topics and were presented by 70+ innovative researchers, educators and thought leaders within the CSI network.

impact2020: Series one

  • Webinar One (23 April): Avoiding getting stuck in crisis mode and reimagining the future, Professor Kristy Muir (CSI)
  • Webinar Two (24 April): Australian Social Progress Index, Dr Megan Weier (CSI) & Isabella Saunders (CSI)
  • Webinar Three (27 April): Digital inclusion - Current challenges and future implications, Professor Jo Barraket (CSI) & Dr Chris Wilson (CSI)
  • Webinar Four (28 April): Philanthropy in the context of COVID-19, Krystian Seibert (CSI), Sarah Davies (Philanthropy Australia), Lisa George (Macquarie Group Foundation) & Maree Sidey (Australian Communities Foundation)
  • Webinar Five (29 April): Homelessness was always solvable - With crisis comes opportunity, Professor Paul Flatau (CSI) & Chris Hartley (CSI)
  • Webinar Six (30 April): Social innovation - Responding to the COVID-19 crisis and its longer term impacts, Doug Taylor (Uniting) & Melanie Rayment (TACSI)
  • Webinar Seven (1 May): Activating social connectedness - What, why and how during COVID-19, Professor Jane Farmer (CSI) & Ebony Gaylor (Australian Red Cross)
  • Webinar Nine: (5 May): The NDIS - Where are we and what are the challenges? Associate Professor Gemma Carey (CSI)
  • Webinar Ten (6 May): Citizen science for social impact, Dr Cobi Calyx (CSI), Associate Professor Alice Motion, Dr Maxine Newlands & Casey Gibson
  • Webinar Eleven (7 May): In conversation with Michael Traill AM, with Doug Taylor (Uniting)
  • Webinar Twelve (8 May): Introduction to outcomes measurement, Professor Paul Flatau (CSI)
  • Webinar Thirteen (11 May): Starting young - Social impact leadership at school, Dr Ali Walker (CSI) & Daniel Pozarik (Randwick Public School)
  • Webinar Fourteen (12 May): Social enterprise and an inclusive economy - Within and beyond COVID-19, Professor Jo Barraket (CSI)
  • Webinar Fifteen (13 May): Revealing the social impact investment icebergs, Dr Mike Moran (CSI) & Libby Ward (CSI)
  • Webinar Sixteen (14 May): Understanding and diagnosing collaboration issues, Dr Jack Noone (CSI)
  • Webinar Seventeen (15 May): In conversation with Tom Dawkins, with Rhonda Yanitsas (CSI)
  • Webinar Eighteen (18 May): Impact investment 101, Michael Katz (CSI) & Adam McCurdie (Humanitix)
  • Webinar Nineteen (19 May): Home learning during COVID-19 - Another mechanism that perpetuates education inequity? Dr Meera Varadharajan (CSI), Dr Don Carter, Amanda Pratt & Leigh Toscan
  • Webinar Twenty-A (20 May): Social impact 101, Dr Ali Walker (CSI) & Joe Kwon (ConFit)
  • Webinar Twenty-B (20 May): Accelerating collective social impact using Data Cooperatives, Professor Jane Farmer (CSI) & Associate Professor Amir Aryani (CSI)
  • Webinar Twenty One (21 May): Building back better - How can we ensure our charities’ survival, contribution, and role as we weather COVID-19, Professor Kristy Muir (CSI) & David Crosbie (Community Council of Australia)
  • Webinar Twenty Two (22 May): The emotional face of firefighting: The case of the Black Saturday bushfires, Dr Graham Dwyer (CSI)
  • Webinar Twenty Three (25 May): International social impact through Work Integrated Learning, Sandeep Kirpalani (CSI), Janel Tumpalan (CSI student) & Zachary Sharah (CSI student)
  • Webinar Twenty Four (25 May): Youth unemployment and relational support, Dr Mariana Atkins (CSI), Lisette Kaleveld (CSI) & Paul Abbott
  • Webinar Twenty Five (26 May): Financial intelligence - Strategic accounting for social enterprise, Kate Saporta (CSI)
  • Webinar Twenty Six (27 May): Social enterprise facing a crisis head-on, Kate Saporta (CSI) & Loretta Bolotin
  • Webinar Twenty Seven (28 May): Governance for Social Impact taster, Professor Kristy Muir (CSI) & Adjunct Associate Professor Shamal Dass
  • Webinar Twenty Eight (28 May): Gender-based inequality during and post crisis - The gendered effect of COVID-19, Dr Ioana Ramia (CSI), Scientia Professor Louise Chappell, Professor Rae Cooper, Professor Abigail Powell & Professor Siobhan Austen
  • Webinar Thirty (1 June): The journey of Kua, Darcy Small (Kua) & Brody Smith (Kua)
  • Webinar Thirty One (1 June): Left without protection - Temporary visas and COVID-19, Chris Hartley (CSI), Monique Dam, Carolina Gottardo & Charmaine Crowe
  • Webinar Thirty Two (2 June): Social impact assessment during times of crisis, Dr Ioana Ramia (CSI), Dr Ariella Meltzer (CSI) & Brendan Bourke (YourTown)
  • Webinar Thirty Three (3 June): Social cohesion - Creating connections in place, Professor Robin Eversole (CSI) & Dr Kiros Hiruy (CSI)
  • Webinar Thirty Four (4 June): Measuring the outcomes of consumers of community services, Professor Erin Wilson (CSI)
  • Webinar Thirty Five (5 June): The future of education - In conversation with David Gonski AC, Professor Peter Shergold AC and Professor Kristy Muir (CSI)

impact2020: Series two

As our first impact2020 webinar series was so successful we continued with monthly impact2020 webinars from June - December 2020, in partnership with CSI's network.

  • Webinar One (26 June): Will Australian charities be COVID-19 casualties or partners in recovery? Professor Kristy Muir (CSI), Suzie Riddell (SVA) and Dr Cassandra Goldie (ACOSS)
  • Webinar Two (16 July): Social connection: A community of practice, Professor Jane Farmer (CSI/SIRI), Ebony Gaylor (Decade of Action), Associate Professor Anthony McCosker (CSI/SIRI) and Jasmine Knox (CSI/SIRI)
  • Webinar Three (3 August): Learning from Sacred Heart Mission's Journey to Social Inclusion Program, Cathy Humphrey (SHM), Professor Paul Flatau (CSI), Associate Professor Monica Thielking (Swinburne) and Fred (a former Journey to Social Inclusion participant)
  • Webinar Four (9 September): Understanding and designing Indigenous financial services, during and post-pandemics, Phil Usher (First Nations Foundation), Lynda Edwards (Financial Counselling Australia), Eveanne Liddle (NAB) and Dr Megan Weier (CSI)
  • Webinar Five+ (12-16 October): Mapping Government responses to COVID-19 using the Social Progress Index, Dr Megan Weier (CSI) and Isabella Saunders (CSI)
  • Webinar Six (11 November): The role of technology for not-for-profits, in the context of COVID-19, David Spriggs (Infoxchange), Dr Catherine Brown (LMCF) and Mark Rayner (Wombat Housing) + moderated by Dr Chris Wilson (CSI Swinburne)
  • Webinar Seven (17 December): Study options with the Centre for Social Impact, Dr Michael Moran (CSI), Bryony Parker (Uniting WA), Jacquie Love (Secret Sisterhood) and Mark Harwood (ygap) + moderated by Rhonda Yanitsas (CSI)


Our webinar series lives on in impact2021 and we invite you to join, learn and affect change with us throughout the year.

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