May 13, 2021

CSI responds to the 2021 Federal Budget

The Centre for Social Impact's response to the 2021 Federal Budget discusses how the key changes presented are likely to have an impact on different social issue areas; positive and negative.

We also explore how, while being primarily about securing jobs and stimulating the economy, there are a number of people and groups who are at risk of being left behind.

> Read our 2021 Federal Budget response


- Is weathering the storm enough? Professor Kristy Muir
- A recovery of GDP does not mean that social inequalities no longer exist: Dr Megan Weier
Mental health gets a shot in the arm, hospitals left behind: Professor Gemma Carey and Associate Professor Graham Brown
- Housing and homelessness: Chris Hartley
- Education - Prioritising disadvantaged students and families: Dr Meera Varadharajan
- The First Nations budget - A lot to look at but little new money going around: James Blackwell
- Employment unemployment and underemployment: Dr Jeremiah Brown and Dr Jack Noone
- Tax and social security changes: Dr Jeremiah Brown
- What about climate?

> Read our CEO's opinion piece: Is weathering the storm enough? Is this the society we aspire to?

> Download our Fact Sheets: For a more in-depth analysis on key social issue areas in the context of COVID-19

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