Each year, the Centre for Social Impact (CSI) awards scholarships to students from the Graduate Certificate in Social Impact and AGSM MBA (Social Impact) at UNSW Australia. The next scholarship round will open in late 2017.

Scholarships are awarded to students who:

  • Demonstrate commitment, leadership and contribution to better social outcomes in the business, public and/or social purpose sectors in the past and future;
  • Have a need for and will benefit from the scholarship to enable their studies in social impact through the Graduate Certificate or AGSM MBA (Social Impact).

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Scholarships are awarded based on a combination of merit and need criteria.

The Centre for Social Impact is grateful to its 2017 scholarship donors, who include the Macquarie Group FoundationShark Island and AMP. Their generous support enables the study of social impact by applicants who demonstrate their ability to apply their learnings to affecting social change across Australia. 


Student Stories

Heather Chaffey

11 July 2017

Heather Chaffey is a passionate advocate for social justice and leads the Neighbourhood Renewal Program at  Penrith City Council.

In 2017 Heather started the MBAX (Social Impact) program at UNSW Business School.

 “The big dream for me is to be active in informing social policy in Australia by representing the people affected by social disadvantage. I dream of seeing humane and compassionate alternatives developed and implemented in Australia.”

 Heather was successful in her application for one of the many CSI scholarships.

 “I’m very grateful for the scholarship that the Centre for Social Impact has provided. I have two children and am trying to balance work, home and study commitments. The scholarship also gave me extra confidence, I felt I had the backing of my peers to go and make the changes I want to see in the world. It’s a great feeling.”

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