Aleksandra Olekalns

Photo of a woman with medium length light hair, wearing a black jumper. She is smiling at the camera.

Aleksandra Olekalns is a quantitative researcher with expertise in outcomes measurement, psychometrics and program evaluation.

She is the psychometric lead for Indicator Engine, part of Centre for Social Impact’s Amplify Social Impact Online (Amplify Online) initiative - the social sector’s first online repository of impact measurement tools that are consistent, evidence-based and accessible.

Ally works across the Amplify team to apply academic rigour and knowledge to the content and evaluation of impact measurement tools for the for-purpose sector.

Her role extends to leading and supporting projects within the areas of mental and chronic health, including measuring health and social outcomes for people living with HIV.

Complementary to and informing her research, Ally holds a Master of Psychology (Health) and works therapeutically with particular focus on behaviour change and the impact of psychological processes on the experience of chronic illness, injury and significant life transition.