January 30, 2018

Jane Harwood

Jane studied the Graduate Certificate in Social Impact

"I started the course when I was working as Operations Manager at WANADA (Western Australian Network of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies). I knew various people doing the course and they really inspired me to give it a go.

As I was finishing the graduate certificate a great job at the newly formed WA Primary Health Alliance came up. The course absolutely helped me get the job. At the time I was finishing the leadership unit and so much of what I was learning was appropriate to the interview. I am now Stakeholder Engagement Manager at WA Primary Health Alliance, working in a great team, it is exactly the position I hoped the course would help me get.

I have recommended this course to lots of people. What I truly loved about it is how forward thinking it is. This has meant I have a sort of library of ideas about what the future could hold. I use these ideas constantly in my role. I also really appreciate the alumni network I formed doing the course. They are a group of very like minded people, who continue to inspire me. If I have an idea I want to test I always know I’ll get some great feedback from my alumni network."


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