PwC-CSI Community Index 2012

Status: Completed June 2012

The not-for-profit sector makes an immense contribution to both Australian society and the Australian economy. Not-for-profit organisations provide essential services in health, social welfare, education, culture and recreation, housing, pathways to employment, social justice, and the environment. They fulfil roles of public advocacy and representation, providing a cohesive voice for individuals and communities.

Despite the important economic and social role of not-for-profits, there is very little regular and robust information available about the sector in Australia. In fact, the Productivity Commission have highlighted lack of data as a key constraint on the sector’s efficient and effective operation.

Based on a biannual survey of chief executives and senior managers in economically significant not-for-profits, the PwC-CSI Community Index will provide an assessment of confidence and operating conditions in the sector, and give new insight into the trends and challenges affecting organisations. It will also constitute an important evidence base to highlight and validate the pressing issues facing not-for-profits in Australia.


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