NAB StepUP Loan Program: Measuring the Impact

Status: Completed April 2013

Authored by Les Hems, Stephen Bennett, Meiko Georgouras, Axelle Marjolin and Jade Wong

The StepUP Loan program was NAB’s first commitment to improving financial inclusion in Australia. Since its launch in 2004, the program has delivered almost $20 million of capital to low income Australians who are excluded from accessing mainstream credit. Working in partnership with Good Shepherd Microfinance and the Federal Government, StepUP Loans is the only product of its kind in Australia. The Centre for Social Impact worked in partnership with NAB and Good Shepherd Finance to evaluate the impact of this program.

Project objectives

The objectives of this study, conducted by the Centre for Social Impact (CSI), were to:

  • Assess the social and economic impact of the StepUP Loan program on the lives of people who use it;
  • Broadly understand whether the StepUP Loan program provides a pathway to financial inclusion; and
  • Determine the value of the program to both NAB and Good Shepherd Microfinance.

Based on a survey of 500 StepUP loan recipients, the Centre for Social Impact (CSI) report ‘A little help goes a long way: Measuring the impact of the StepUP Loan Program’, shows 73.6 per cent of respondents experienced a positive change in economic and social outcomes after receiving a loan through the not-for-profit program.

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