Inquiry into social impact investment for housing and homelessness outcomes

Authored by:

Paul Flatau, Chris Mason, Ariella Meltzer, Michael Moran, Kristy Muir

Status: Completed August 2018

The Inquiry aims to understand the opportunity, capacity and ability of social impact investment to address the complex social problem of how to improve housing and hopelessness outcomes in Australia. It explores the use of social impact investment to address a spectrum of issues from housing affordability to homelessness.

The project employs a systems thinking approach of mapping the actual and potential actors, roles, opportunities, risks, levers and barriers involved in applying social impact investment to housing and homelessness in Australia. By mapping this system and understanding the lenses and perspectives of a range of actors, the project will enable key insights that can articulate the capacity of social impact investment to be an innovative funding model with the potential to reduce social inequality in housing.

Read the report here.

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