Housing and homelessness Indicator Framework

Authored by:

Stephen Bennett, Lena Etuk, Abigail Powell

Status: Completed

The Centre for Social Impact in collaboration with Homelessness Sector Development, a partnership between Homelessness NSW, Yfoundations and Domestic Violence NSW, is leading a project to support Specialist Homelessness Services, Community housing providers and others, to identify and select appropriate outcome indicators that can best demonstrate the change that occurs in people’s lives.

 Working with Homelessness Sector Development, the research team:

  • Hosted a series of webinars across a range of cohorts and issues to explore and prioritise anticipated outcomes.
  • Rapid literature review on indicators and measures across outcome areas
  • Consultation survey with services to prioritise indicators
  • Synthesised findings into a shared outcomes framework

 The project has provided Homelessness Sector Development with the groundwork for shared outcome measurement across the housing and homelessness sectors. This supports the development of a shared language and understanding for outcome measurement; a resource for selecting standardised indicators and measures that is flexible and adaptable to the diverse needs across the sector; the foundation for establishing common tools and process for selecting and measuring outcomes to support service providers access to information they can use in tracking and evaluating their impact on people’s lives.


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