Homelessness in Western Australia

Status: Completed August 2018

This report presents an overview of homelessness in Western Australia: its nature, composition, antecedents and consequences, and the policy and practice responses that we believe should be considered address it. We review and consolidate evidence and extant knowledge from various statistical sources, academic research, evaluation reports, the lived experience of those who experience homelessness, and recent guiding frameworks provided by the Western Australian and Commonwealth Governments, as well as The Western Australian Strategy to End Homelessness published recently by the Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness (Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness [WAAEH], 2018).
The report has the following five objectives:
1. To synthesise the evidence base on the scale, scope and profile of homelessness in
Western Australia;
2. To outline the key drivers and causes of homelessness;
3. To analyse the current approaches to addressing homelessness in Western Australia
and their effectiveness;
4. To identify system level gaps in responses to homelessness and key research and
evidence gaps; and,
5. To provide guidance in terms of a way forward towards addressing homelessness in a
Western Australian context.

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