The Funding of Western Australian Homelessness Services

Authored by:

Zoe Callis, Paul Flatau, Michael Kyron, Leanne Lester

Status: Completed May 2022

University Partners:

The Funding of Western Australian Homelessness Services 2022 report commissioned by Shelter WA and undertaken by the Centre for Social Impact UWA, is a comprehensive overview of the funding of homelessness services in Western Australia.

This report is based on findings from 73 homelessness services operating across WA and outcomes from focus groups comprising of homelessness service CEOs and managers.

The report provides an overview of the current state of homelessness and policy that WA homelessness services operate within, before presenting comprehensive evidence of the funding of homelessness services, which assist those experiencing homelessness.

The evidence from the Western Australian Homelessness Funding and Delivery Survey indicated that there was high levels of unmet need and that the effectiveness of funding and service delivery is impacted by the rollover of contracts, the short-term nature of contracts, and the (in)flexibility and (lack of) discretion of use of funding.

The recommendations made address two key policy concerns: what is the appropriate strategic framework, and level and mix of funding to address the fundamental drivers of Western Australian homelessness, and how can individual homelessness services be funded and supported to best meet the needs of those experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness.

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