Ending Homelessness in Western Australia

Status: Completed July 2021

University Partners:

The Centre for Social Impact UWA (CSI UWA) is a founding member of the Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness (WAAEH).

The WAAEH is comprised of a group of individuals and organisations that have come together to end homelessness in Western Australia. In 2018, the WAAEH launched its Strategy to End Homelessness 2018-2028.

The WAAEH - through Shelter WA - was funded by Lotterywest to further develop and implement the WAAEH strategy and as part of this funding CSI UWA has undertaken multiple programs of work.

Latest WAAEH publications:

> On 7 July 2021 an updated Outcomes Measurement Framework: Dashboard V3 was launched

This report presents the 2021 update to the Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness Outcomes Measurement Framework: Dashboard, which was first released in August 2019 and updated in February 2020.

The Dashboard is an evolving, accessible and visual platform designed to present and report on outcomes relevant to the key targets of the WAAEH.

2019 WAAEH publications:

The first program of work for WAAEH in 2019 was to establish the research and evaluation framework to ensure rigour around the Strategy’s implementation and inform future directions. Under this program of work, CSI UWA completed an Outcomes Measurement and Evaluation Framework and accompanying Data Dictionary (which operationalises the Outcomes Framework) and Dashboard (which presents current findings on key targets):

> WAAEH Outcomes Measurement and Evaluation Framework V1

> WAAEH Outcomes Measurement and Evaluation Framework: Data Dictionary V1

> WAAEH Outcomes Measurement and Evaluation Framework: Dashboard V1

CSI UWA's second program of work was to provide the first of a series of annual reports on the state of homelessness in Western Australia and the important programs and initiatives aimed at ending homelessness in Western Australia:

> Ending Homelessness in Western Australia: 2019 Report

The third program of work involved CSI UWA supporting the development of action plans using specialist co-design facilitators, and also developing co-design toolkits and other tools and resources and training to build the capacity of agencies to incorporate co-design into their response to ending homelessness:

> Co-design Review - Literature and Practice: This review of co-design literature and practice provides us with a strong foundation to understand co-design and how it has been applied in similar settings.

> Action Plan Co-design Toolkit: This toolkit is designed for a facilitator or group to pick up and use enabling any community or cohort group to create their own action plan.

> Case Study: Youth Action Plan to End Homelessness: This case study takes you on a visual journey of how CSI UWA applied and tested the Action Plan Co-design Toolkit.

> Danjoo Koorliny - Walking together towards everyone having a place to sleep and call home: Insights on a co-design process for Aboriginal housing and homelessness. These insights, as well as the Action Plan Co-design Toolkit, give a good indication of what is possible for Collaborative Procurement Process.

2020 WAAEH publications:

WAAEH Outcomes Measurement and Evaluation Framework V2

> WAAEH Outcomes Measurement and Evaluation Framework: Dashboard V2

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