Development of NAB’s Corporate Responsibility Measurement and Evaluation Framework

Authored by:

Stephen Bennett, Kristy Muir, Jack Noone

Status: Completed

Funding, Research Partners:

CSI was commissioned by NAB to develop a social impact and outcome framework for its corporate responsibility (CR) portfolio to achieve a consistent approach for outcome measurement that supports decision making, identifies gaps and opportunities, and articulates value for customers, employees and society.

To achieve these aims, the research team:

• Conducted an extensive background review with NAB stakeholders to understand the CR priorities, activities and existing measurement approaches

• Undertook a series of capacity building workshops to support the development and exchange of knowledge and practice for outcome measurement

• Developed an overarching outcome framework that comprised of domains, outcomes, indicators and measures to support consistent and shared measurement and reporting across the CR portfolio.

Through the development process and capacity building, NAB has greater organisational capability to undertake outcome measurement and evaluation to support continual learning and decision making.

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